Animal Fairy Charities, Inc. 
Fostering national & international prevention of cruelty to all animals and aiding  in their safety & welfare.  

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September 13th at the Downtown Milwaukee Athletic Club Grand Ballroom
Animal Fairy Charities Presents

A music movement aimed at uniting local, national and international musicians
to raise awareness for those who have no voice.

On Sept 13th, our inaugural event will kick off with headliner Daryl Stuermer of Genesis
Rhythm Method opening and a special appearance by Nora Collins in support of preventing
Animal abuse, bullying and domestic violence.

"I'm always excited to support a good cause such as "Rock Be Their Voice."
 People need to be aware of the seriousness of this violent act. This is something that affects not only individuals, but our society as a whole."
-Daryl Stuermer

To learn more and to get tickets log on at


Animal Fairy Charities, Inc.
Animal Shelters and Horse Rescues Continue to Struggle During this Economic Downturn.
It is our duty to give our animals the respectable quality of life they deserve. 
When you donate to Animal Fairy Charities, you can be certain that your contributions are reaching those who need it. 
Help Make Our Community A Better Place For Animals

 "Racing For Time" - The Song 
All proceeds will be donated to the rescue and rehabilitation of thoroughbreds

After learning about the brutal practice of American horses being slaughtered for human consumption overseas,
Lopez (WAMI Nominee Songwriter/Producer of the Year) continues her campaign in quest of raising public awareness
 for The Equine Cruelty Prevention Act with “Racing For Time”.

"Racing For Time" is available for download for just .99 cents at itunes.
All proceeds will be donated to the rescue and rehabilitation of thoroughbreds.
You can learn more about the song at